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Classic Audio sælger totalt renoverede High Fidelity produkter som radioer, forstærkere, højttalere, pladespillere og båndoptagere produceret i perioden 1965 - 1980
Produkter fra den "gyldne periode for High Fidelety".

Classic Audio er specialliseret i produkter fra Bang & Olufsen, Thorens, Quad og Revox.

Classic Audio tilbyder også en omhyggelig total renovering for dig, hvis du allerede ejer et klassiske hifi produkt.
Classic Audio tilbyder reparation af din B&O pickup. Læs mere her: PickUp Service
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Classic Audio is selling fully refurbished classic High Fidelity products such as radios, amplifiers, speakers, turntables and taperecorders from the period 1965 - 1980
Products of the "golden period for High Fidelity".

Classic Audio specialize in products produced by Bang & Olufsen, Thorens, Quad and Revox.

Classic Audio will be happy to do a careful total restoration for you if you allready own a classic high filelity product.
... a classic High Fidelity product is:
More than 25 years old.
From a styling perspective, recognised as a timeless design or as representative of its period.
Aesthetically near perfect. The build quality is of a very high standard and the choice of materials range from the finest machined alloy to real wood veneer. Build to provide sound quality of a very high standard. This is acknowledged as outstanding for its time, bringing you a lifetime of listening pleasure. Generally valued and holds a high reputation.
Recognised as an iconic product by the hi-fi industry, and is considered to be a collectors item by audiophile enthusiasts.

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